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Nurse faces charges and civil lawsuit in baby's death

As parents in Philadelphia who have lost children know, it is always painful anytime a child dies. When that death could possibly have been avoided, loved ones might be left asking themselves “what if?” and similar unanswerable questions. In news out of Fayette County, parents still in mourning seek justice in the tragic death of their infant baby boy. They have filed a lawsuit against the nurse who was caring for their son as well as the nurse’s employer at the time he passed away. In addition to the civil lawsuit, the nurse also faces criminal charges for child endangerment.

The case stems from an incident in December 2010. The seven-month-old boy, who had been born prematurely, was being cared for overnight at his home by the nurse. He was hooked up to a ventilator when he began having difficulty breathing through a tracheostomy tube. Alarms on the ventilator sounded, but the nurse silenced the alarms multiple times. According to allegations, she gave the baby CPR in an incorrect fashion. The boy was taken to a hospital, but was pronounced dead.

According to another nurse, the baby had been physically improving and was getting nearer to being weaned off the ventilator before he died. The same nurse testified that the ventilator’s sounding alarms indicated that there was a problem with the baby’s tracheostomy tube that was left unfixed.

Medical errors can have a long-term impact on the victims and their families. If you lost a loved one because of medical malpractice, you might consider contacting an attorney to learn more about your options. 

Source: Tribune-Review, “Nurse called ill-prepared for Fayette baby’s emergency,” Liz Zemba, Nov. 26, 2013

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